thx 08 003“Taking you up on your invitation.  I have recently felt the need to put stories to paper, then to computer and blog.  Maybe it is my age, almost 62, maybe it’s just time.  At any rate I am introducing myself and sending a story.  I drive through Troutdale every day and often think of your first writings about that area.  The story I wrote about the ducks in some way reminds me of your chicken coop story, the loss, and frustration.  So please meet my friends Coco and Peeps, if only on your computer screen.  There are other stories on my blog, the link is below.

I am really enjoying your site, and share your stories with friends often.

^o^ Dian Woni Lea”

Please be welcome, come visit my links

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  1. Cindy says:


    What a lovely lady you are! I look forward to reading what you have to share with us…….

  2. D.B. says:

    On Saturday I finally got to see the 6 ducklings that my latest “spring time pair” produced. I called this year’s couple Clark & Beth. The mother Mallard was doing some preliminary swim lessons with her little brood and as far as I could tell they were all Olympians!

    Beyond my pond some 200 yards is a small river/creek that runs into East Bay (East Bay by some 1/8th mile feeds into Lake Michigan) Momma needs to get those babies to the river asap.

    Fast forward to Saturday evening; Lola (my beloved dog,1/2 sharpie 1/2 Pit bull) and I took a stroll through the woods and ended back at the pond only to discover (1) duckling paddling heartily back & forth?! We continued towards my Condo and to our surprise the little one came bounding out of the pond onto the grass at high speed. Lola instinctively gained on this baby who found itself in her mouth.

    Don’t worry, she gently carried it to me and dropped it in my hand…Lola is also (although pretending to ward of all squirrels and chippies very kind and generous in her nature of those who might normally be her foes). Lola & I both had no idea what to do next. Taking my little one in hand we all walked to the river and searched from one end to the next for this little ones mom but came up empty.

    Having grown up on a working farm I would have taken him in and nurtured this one, but something told me to return this baby to the pond and let the universe continue its plan. Now before you scold me as I know Susan has spent years doing animal rescue please hear me when I say that something in me was sending such a strong message to let this baby follow its path that I had to oblige, although I saw my tub filed and bugs, grass & worms in my fridge…:)

    I’ve looked several times each day now and even went out with my flashlight at night but have not seen the baby? I did see a mouse swimming in the water (Lola had all she could do to not jump in for that event!) and I wonder still did I make a mistake? My mother said “bring it in and we will raise it, but again I felt that this one had a certain path.

    So I’m telling you all this because I tried, but did I do the right thing? I enjoyed having it’s little soft body in the palm of my hand and have it nuzzle my finger with its beak. Lola had no intention of harm and gave it a quick lick on the head before we set it free again on the pond, not sure if dog kisses slow you down when they are plastered to your head and beak?! 🙂

    To be honest part of me keeps hoping the little one will pop up from the pond again and I can “be its mommy”. When do we know to resuue and when do we know to let live and let live?

    Thank you,
    (Denise from Northern Michigan).

    • Susan McElroy says:

      DB Denise (Let’s keep all our Denises straight, gang!), when I get a “call” to do something, I do it. Don’t second guess yourself. I do this all the time and it is foolish, foolish, foolish. We ask to be able to hear the voice of spirit guiding us, and then when it does, we ask ourselves, “Did I listen correctly?” Denise, you heard right. If we hear that voice guiding us and then ignore it, it will quit speaking to us. So, you did the right thing. Trust that.

  3. D.B. says:

    Thank you Susan,

    My tears still seem to be flowing… I am glad to have your support and truths.

    My heart is very open to that little fluffy muggle, I hope that its Mum came back, gathered it up and went with the flow. I still wonder “why?”.

    I guess the lesson for me is yet to come…


  4. I am working with a computer wiz friend and we are considering creating a Good Dog News website. Only good news about all canines, whether they be pitties, wolfdogs, dobies, boxers or beagles. There is fear in the unknown, many more exotic sounding animals are wonderful companions for the right family, in the right situation. It pains me to see all the sensational stories written, many totally undocumented. Somebody said it was a pit bull, or wolf “hybrid” or a rottie. When in fact it was not. And in many cases it leads to hysteria and breed specific legislation. So if any of you have seen the site Good News Network it will be formatted in a similar way. Just in the thinking stage right now, but I’m hoping it will happen. Then I will be soliciting all these wonderful stories for the site. I have a new story on my blog that isn’t happy but shows what can happen to good animals in an bad situation. It’s called “words written on paper” The blog link is http://www.musingsfromthecascadefoothills.blogspot.com/

  5. D.B. says:

    Well, if the baby duck wasn’t enough; today at lunch a fawn trotted down the bike path next to the property I live on. Full on white spots and no mum in site.

    Is it me or is my space a magnet for little babes that have gotten separated from their mommies?

    So…Lola and I found ourselves “strolling” along with this baby wondering what now?!

    We walked quietly with one another and then the fawn veered off to the woods and disappeared.

    The continuing theme running through my head is tiled “LESSONS OF THE LITTLE ONES”. When I pulled the animal medicine card I got the ant.

    What now?

    Denise from Northern Michigan

  6. Cindy says:


    You are all an inspiration, and I mean that with all my heart. I take away little nuggets of wit and wisdom every time I visit here. Now let me ask you this…..

    Yesterday my husband referred to me as “cantankerous”. He said this is his usual kidding way (I think), but I wondered this time. His view of me is I have very little patience with phoniness, and it’s true, I don’t. I smell it a mile away and call it what it is. But today I am rethinking this new title as maybe something to be thankful for. What do you think? Have any of you reached that place in your life where you just don’t have the time or patience for the trivial, the “airs” people put on, or, like me, get really cranky if the minutia in life gets in the way of your nature time…..or meditation, nap, bath, walk, whatever it is that makes your day your own? My response time to the situations that cramp my style has gotten shorter, and many times I’ve been compared to a pre-historic, slant-eyed raptor, turning my head to the side to size up my disturber! Is this old age? Is this what happens? Or, am I developing into a seasoned, graceful wise woman, one who knows her limits and tolerances? Or should I be more tolerant of these daily disturbances? Or, am I just a little rough around the edges as I hone my crone skills? Will I find a happy medium? Oh, these things plague me! Am I growing in grace or am I getting crotchety? Can anyone relate?

    Thank you very much, now I need to dodge the door-to door salesman walking up to my porch as I write! Arrrgh…….

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