Twitter: My heart on our wedding day. Yup--all atwitter!

Twitter: My heart on our wedding day. Yup--all atwitter!

This is not about the sweet sounds raccoon kits make when they nurse, although that word suits the sound perfectly. This is about that “twitter” phenomena about which I know absolutely NOTHING. My new web/blog consultant said “Susan, you need to write your group about Twitter. Ask them who uses it, and what their twitter names are. It will be a good place for you to get the word out about your site, your words, and your books. You can join and add all your blog family on Twitter.”

So, I ask you as a utter techno-know-nothing—is this true? Are any of you on Twitter? I could use your input!

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20 Responses to Twittering

  1. Kerry says:

    Hey, Susan. There seems to be a mighty campaign to spread the gospel of Twitter. Every time I’ve turned on the tube lately someone is talking about it or asking someone else “Do you Twitter?” It is apparently being touted as the latest great social phenomenom. Oh please save me from another way to be distracted! Crackbook was bad enough for a while, but then I got a grip and deleted almost all my contacts.

    So no, I’m not waiting for tweets on Twitter and don’t expect to any time ever. Fine for other folks, and probably smart for those who are inextricably linked to the web for reasons of livelihood, but lordy, I just need to sit peacefully and make art without all that electronica getting in my way…..For instance, right at the present time I’m trying to tear myself away from, uh, ‘art homework’ on Etsy to go do something productive….Sigh…. Long live the internet….Sigh.

    • Susan McElroy says:

      To Kerry and All: Your comments have been most helpful! While I like the idea of opening myself up to a new audience, I am by nature a reclusive sort of gal whose motto is “less is more.” This blog doesn’t get all the time I would like to give to it, because I really would rather walk in the woods with the dogs or the coons. It is hard to find time to write, and I really related to those of you who said that networking sites take a lot of work. I guess I’d rather spend that time here, and trust that those who need to find this place will! Many thanks to all of you for your good information and good opinions. Cindy, I’m with you!

  2. Kerry says:


    The Twitter website declares it’s a way to stay “hyper-connected”. Aaaaaaaaagh!!

  3. Cindy says:

    OK….since you asked, here’s my opinion of Twitter (and any other techno/texting/myspace/ stuff)….

    I deplore all of these, and yes, I know I am not taking a popular stand here. I just don’t want to be THAT plugged in or available to anyone. I check my email once a day, then I check my favorite websites/blogs (I have a total of five) and that’s it. I’ve never been one to jump at the newest thing that comes along. I truly believe the Internet and all the subsequent trappings that have come out of the odd need for people to be instantly available to each other, has done more to disconnect us as human beings, then to unite us. Now, this site for instance brings people together that are like-minded, and that’s great, but for me, that’s all I want, or have time for. I know so many that spend way too much time “twittering” their life away, literally. Being attached to an electronic, as if it’s your right arm, seems unhealthy to me. I will take face-to-face, or voice-to-voice any day over forming a relationship with an impersonal electronic, hand held, in my lap, or on my desk.

    I miss the olden days, not SO long ago, when the world didn’t have all this stuff available to them. All of this wanting to have information NOW, and wanting to know things NOW, has gotten the best of us, taking us away from simplicity and the stillness within. So, if this site wants to include Twitter, I’ll have to pass. I am happy posting thoughts and reading the words that you all share, but for me, that’s enough.

    PS…..You know what I really love? Getting a real, honest to goodness hand written letter in the mail! Nothing fast about that, no…..nice and slow and leisurely, both in the writing and in the receiving. The only “twittering” I enjoy is the sound of the birds as I sip my morning tea outside……ahhh, now that’s connectedness!

  4. Sandra says:

    Hi Susan: Well, it is great to know that I am not the only person on this beautiful planet that has no clue what “twitter” is. I hardly know what a “blog” is. Fritz is trying to get me with the technological age but I am slow to change. Great Photo!!!

  5. arkabc says:

    Yes, I am on twitter as Ark Lady (and a few others but this is my social one).

    Twitter is a micro blogging platform where you get 140 characters to post short updates.

    If you follow your friends or colleagues you can get news or answers to questions if you need to.

    I am not super active and like Facebook better but there are a lot of people using it successfully.

    If you want to learn more try

  6. Rich Ohlrogge says:

    HI Susan –

    I am going to guess that your current audience on the whole are not ‘twitterers’!! For the most part those who tweet are of a new generation but therein lies the ‘gotcha’. If you are interested in a new and younger audience then tweeting may be the path of entry to their busy lives. But then again busy lives do not allow the time to dwell on those deeply meaningful stories that you offer and that have potentially healing properties. This doesn’t answer your question I’m sure but in essence tweeting is just another way of planting seeds and hopefully of evolving a new thoughtful and connected generation!!

    YOurs thoughtfully.


  7. Mary Martin says:

    You can go on Facebook, Twitter or FriendFeed, or all three. I’m on FB and Twitter. I tweet at and my blog is at I use FB for my family and friends, and Twitter for my vegan and animal rights people. Obviously you wouldn’t have those groups, but there are plenty of groups and twibes (I love that one!) around rehabbing, animal loving, writing, blogging, and all kinds of spirituality.

    You have 140 characters in each tweet, which is why it is called microblogging. You follow people and they follow you and you have little conversations, which can be public or private. Of course, Twitter is also a popularity contest.

    One tip is that the twitosphere definitely doesn’t appreciate people whose sole intention is self-promotion. The idea is to connect, not to tell people that they’d be interested in your new book or blog post, although you can do some of that.

    Finally, social networks are something you have to commit to. It takes time and energy and it is slow moving, particularly at the beginning (so they tell me. I’m still at the beginning, with only a couple hundred followers). Blogging was like that, too, for me (and after 3 years I still get under 1,000/day due to lack of marketing).

    Social networks are a bit of a nightmare for people who aren’t naturally social (like me), and if I had a bunch of books to promote perhaps I’d be more diligent. I agree with your consultant that you need to get moving on at least one of the sites and establish a presence. But you don’t set it up and put it on autopilot; you have to work it.

  8. No knowledge of twitter busy enough on Facebook. Which by the way I did link your last story about the raccoons to my Facebook home page, got positive feedback.

  9. Erin says:

    I am not on twitter (or facebook, or my space, etc.) and do not care to be. I am not much into that kind of technology and actually (personally, I don’t judge anyone else) feel that all that kind of thing just keeps us away from concentrating on our spirituality, being in the moment, and enjoying life and peacefulness. Other than a very few occasional email friends, researching something, and being part of your kindred spirits, I do not spend my time on any of that other stuff.

  10. valerie says:

    Wish I could help. I have no idea what twitter is…I kind of know (I think I know) what a blog is. My BIG question is, why can’t whoever comes up with these twitter, blogs, facebook and all the weird things just call them normal names….like diaries or person to person email, things that will clue the rest of us in to whatever it is these others are trying to say. It’s a new world with a new language. A language more foreign in most respects than a language any of us would hear across the ocean.
    Thank you,

  11. Ingrid says:

    I’m on Twitter – my username is consciouscats.

    I didn’t think I was going to like Twitter when I first joined. It seemed like an awful lot of “noise” and not much substance. But after a few days, I quickly found that I enjoy the relationship building aspect of it, and I’m in awe of the really great information people offer on any and all subjects, and how helpful and generous most Twitter members are in terms of forwarding useful information. Sure, there are spammers just like everywhere else online, but that’s what the “unfollow” button is for.

    My focus is on pet health, veterinary topics, conscious living for pets and their people, blogging and the publishing industry and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to absorb all of the great information that people post.

    And yes, it is a great marketing tool to get word about about your blog, books and anything else you have to offer, if the marketing is handled in a way that is not heavy-handed. In that respect, it’s no different from “real live” networking – you wouldn’t go up to someone you meet at a networking event and say “I want you to buy my stuff!” It’s all about building relationships.

    It can get addictive, and once my followers hit around 200, I felt overwhelmed and wasn’t sure I could keep going with it and still have fun. I looked at various desktop apps that are out there, and now that I found one that I like, I can keep up with it and enjoy it again.

    I’ve made some wonderful connections on Twitter, and I look forward to making many more. If you decide to join, be sure to let us know so we can follow you!

  12. Ann Parker says:

    Hi Susan!
    I’ve been out of the loop, trying to keep up with work and things. But I’m also on Twitter as TheSilverQueen (Ann Parker in all its variations was taken, imagine that!).

    And Kerry, I agree with you: It’s yet another distraction, another thing that seems to “fragment” thinking and focus. But when your publisher and associate publisher twitter, it behooves one….
    Enough said.

  13. Rohana says:

    I have a Facebook corner of the world, but I hardly ever do anything with it. In fact, most of the time I forget about it. I have a blog that no one reads, probably because I forget to write in it on a regular basis and probably because it’s of no interest to anyone but me. I’ve read about Twitter, but I’m not gonna join it, read it, write in it, or do whatever you do with it. I just don’t understand this need for constant blabbering. All this invasive and pervasive technology is beginning to wear on me. I’m thinking of changing to the Cormac McCarthy way of living – no website, no blog, no email address, no computer – just an old-fashioned typewriter (I’m not even sure if it’s electric).

    Well, that’s my two-cents worth (as I use my Dell computer and the Internet after reading your email in my email box – Ha!)

    • Susan McElroy says:

      Rohana: I hear you! I think many of us are just plain tired of these forms of communication, which bear little resemblance to real communication. I think I’m too old to be a twit!

  14. Cindy says:

    “I think I’m too old to be a twit”! You made me laugh out loud with that one Susan….I think we’re all a little to, uh, “mature” to be taken as twittering twits! You wouldn’t believe how many invitations I get to join Facebook as a new “friend”….(as Kerry put it, Arrrrgh!), my simple reply back is, “Thanks, but no thanks, I’m too busy with real life”!

    Bless this mess, this hyper-world we live in. May all beings find peace and stillness again within their lives. I think as the proverbial pendulum goes, things will come back somewhere in the middle eventually! I hope…….

  15. Kerry says:

    Must say though, it sure is fun to check in and and find all of you here…. 🙂

  16. Lisa D says:

    I have SO enjoyed reading your comments, feeling soothed by the sense of being among kindred souls. was drawn to this site after reading Animals as Guides for the Soul, that is to say, by the shared tenderness for animals. i feel most alight with them and those who recognize them and the earth as kin.
    Love the connective/ informational power of the web — how volunteers mobilize to save animals in distress, etc– and eagerly pursue, as needed, learning about technology, including putting up my own website, but feel overloaded by and shrink from chattery hyper anything.
    I need solitude, long stretches of quiet time to contemplate or to talk that spider out of my morning shower and into the garden…

  17. I’m on Twitter as petportraitluv. I just started, but I already like it. I’ve met wonderful people on it right away. People post truly useful information about lost pets, pet articles and links to things of interest. I was dead set against it until I attended a Social Media workshop put on by an animal communicator friend whose business has been increasing by 20{fe46f85cf7c5ff45e639cce4bd0b7ed47fa7c0a03ad6c7408e07815ebf6adf0a} per month because of her Social Media connections. Her Twitter is petsaretalking if anyone is interested. So I’d say if it calls to you, give it a try. I try to keep my posts on point which draws many like-minded people into my circle of friends.

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