Truth be told, prayers this month centered around grief, loss, and illness. Difficult challenges to be facing in this difficult time on Earth. As I loaded the pipe with tobacco, I could not help but reflect on the soberness of our prayers this month, and how the background theme for the month seemed to be about letting go on a very profound level. I wondered how Weighs the Truth—the Clan Mother for this third moon of the year—fit into all this energy for release. The thought came to me that letting go of our dreams, our bodies, our loved ones, our health, our homes, our hope perhaps begins with taking the cool hands of Weighs the Truth into our own, and sitting with the truth of our situations.

When loss, impending loss, and fear of loss lie heavy on our hearts, who wants to sit still and confront such thoughts? In my own case, I literally wiggle and squirm in my body when I sit with the reality of loss. It is hard to believe in such times that loss leaves open a space within us for something new to fill. Rebirth: that is the truth of loss, too.

So rebirth is the other truth I sat with as I smoked my pipe and prayed on the night of the New Moon. It can be an unsettling process, trying to hold onto the many truths hidden in tough and painful situations that we find ourselves in.

My girlfriend Claire says, “Okay, I’ve been patient long enough, I’ve prayed for guidance long enough and hard enough. I have been the best I know how to be. So when can I have a little help down here, please?” Boy, can I relate to that! Truth is, we need to sit and squirm for as long as Spirit dictates. Ouch.

Lighting the pipe on Tuesday night, I was struck once again that the pipe “took off” when I turned to the North to invite the energies there to share in the smoke. Back in December, North winds blew the smoke to South as I sat outside with the pipe. I think of the North as the cardinal direction of winter, of the hard lessons of life, of rebirth, and of the ancestors. This winter, many, many of us are finding ourselves in that hard and cold North space, our fingers shivering, our hearts longing for spring.

This month, many of you let me know you would be praying along with me on the New Moon. Another truth lays her hand upon my shoulder: In our pain and confusion, we are—none of us—alone in our little virtual community. We form a small circle of healing in our earnest concern for one another. And that truth brings a smile to my face even when embraced by the cold grip of the North. I hope it brings a smile to your heart, as well.

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  1. Cindy says:

    When the cold North wind blows hard on my face I have simply learned to lean into it. It’s very uncomfortable, but when I resist the cold stark reality of life it doggedly pursues me into every avenue and byway. There is no escaping “what is”, but meeting that fear and trepidation square on, (befriending it, if you will), causes the cold to retreat. It works every time. Lean into it. The song that says, “If you’re going through hell, keep on going”, is so very true.

    “All shall be well” is my mantra. Everything does have a way of coming round right again. Things, places, people, they all die out of our life one way or another…then new things begin to emerge.

    Anyone going through loss, pain, and fear, or facing that cold bitter North wind… are not alone. Not by any stretch of the imagination are you alone. Never. It’s impossible. You are surrounded by guardians, guides, and pure love. My darkest hours have provided the most growth…and the sun will come out again.

    Much love is sent to all who gather here for the sustenance this blog provides. Thank you Susan for the community you provide! Thank you dear readers for lending your energy and time and prayers. Namaste…

  2. aletheia mystea says:

    Beautiful considerations..

  3. Erin says:

    Thank you, Susan, for including my request in the pipe ceremony.

  4. kathey says:

    Thank you, Susan, for all of your prayers that you offered to Weighs The Truth. And for realigning yourself to the cold North wind that certainly has been blowing hard here in the Blue Ridge for the past several days. Since last night it has become a powerful, relentless cold bitter wind. Now thankfully it has died down, finally, due to your prayers? Or maybe due to our leaning into it, as Cindy says. We have been tossed like kittens in a barrel on the seas, in my family recently. If only your words could be read by them, great healing could begin. We must endure the winds of fear loss and grief to realize the beauties and promises of the next life, as it occurs within this present lifetime.

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