Zahn2I’d like to introduce you to my friend Genviev, and her companion, the Spirit Wolf. Genviev and I have been in contact for several years, during which she sent me a stunning photo of her hand placed against the Spirit Wolf’s hand. Genviev has now crafted, with the help of Zahn, the Spirit Wolf, a new publishing site where she offers some lovely cards and photos that are so wonderful for musing upon. I’m enclosing her letter to me from Spirit Wolf, and adding them to our community, and our links:

“Dear Susan,

I heard you held close to you and on your altar one of
our cards called “Kindred Spirits” and thought I should
introduce myself properly.

Named Zahn in the human language, I am also known
as “The Spirit Wolf” for my soul’s mission to bring
messages from wilderness to the awareness of humans.
A mission you have undertaken as well, with such loving
purpose and dedication you touched and inspired the

After a near-death experience last year, with two violent
strands of the fatal bacterial disease called leptospirosis,
which sent me on life support in the emergency care unit
of hospitals for nearly three weeks, I realized there was
no time to lose to make a difference in this world while I
still am in the flesh, so to speak – a state of being that is
rather evanescent for us of the animal species.  So I
created Spirit Wolf Press, a publishing company devoted
to promoting a new consciousness for humankind based
on the respect and protection of animal species and their
sacred habitats.

I am attaching a photo hereby and hope you will accept
my note in your friendly community page.

With loving blessings from your friend of the wild kind,


Zahn Spirit Wolf of Shenandoah a.k.a. “The Spirit Wolf”

Founder of Spirit Wolf Press
Tel: 503-887-8034

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11 Responses to SPIRIT WOLF

  1. Sue German says:

    Awesome website! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Wonderful! I have added your link on my Facebook page. I am the owner of 3 wolfdogs, there are 10 animals on the property. They vary in content form 98{fe46f85cf7c5ff45e639cce4bd0b7ed47fa7c0a03ad6c7408e07815ebf6adf0a} to low. So of course your photos fascinate me. Many of my FB friends are owners, work in rescue, and run sanctuaries. I am sure you will be noticed by them. Good luck in your endeavor.

    I noticed you have an Oregon phone number. I am in Oregon as well, in rural Clackamas County in the Cascade foothills.

    Best of wishes,

    Dian Woni Lea

  3. Cindy says:

    How can I ever convey how much wolves mean to me? They are my totem animal, they come to me in dreams and their imagery appears to me all the time. So as I check in here this morning what do I see?…..just more proof that this mystical, yet very real animal is speaking to me again. Ever since I read Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ book, “Women Who Run With The Wolves”, I’ve been drawn to the stories of “La Loba”. Ever since I was a tiny girl I’ve loved wolves, and the day I got to hold and play with some rescued wolf puppies, well, I was in my element, I was whole, I was home. I can’t wait to get the card with the hand and paw touching…..just exquisite! When I saw it I gasped! It goes straight to the heart, the “knowing”, the oneness, the necessity. Thank you, thank you from one wolf woman to another. The Wild Woman archetype speaks deeply to me and has healed me on many levels. The free and wild spirit in me honors the free and wild spirit in every one of us.

    And to Zahn……from my soul to yours……love unbounded.

  4. Thank you for your warm welcome and wonderful comments, reaching us in perfect time to celebrate Zahn’s birthday this week (he turned 7 on the 17). As he stands by my side, stretching long limbs and tilting his powerful head, our heart is filled with gratefulness for your loving words. It is a blessing, always, to meet kindred spirits. A shaman at heart from my earliest days, animals have been my family, from the very beginning. Sometimes I feel strangely related to Mowgli, of Walt Disney’s Jungle Book, for in them and in the loving and supportive presence of the sea and its surrounding nature, I found safety away from fear, peace away from violence and the unconditional love and acceptance essential to a our development as children. Like you, Cindy, the wolf has always been my totem animal, along with the horse (symbol of freedom and travels). You are correct Dian, we are in Oregon, west of Portland in the Tualatin River Valley, where we landed last year upon our return from Monte-Carlo where Zahn was, by far, the largest four-legged being to roam the streets of the Principality to the amazement of the locals. One handyman who responded to a call where we were staying one day, made a comment I will never forget. I had to ask Zahn to kindly exit the room where the poor man had to conduct his work, for the terrified look on his face couldn’t go unnoticed. “How can you sleep at night?” he asked me. “I beg your pardon?” I replied not quite sure where he was going. “Aren’t you afraid he might turn on you the moment you let your guard down?” he let out in a breath. I think I laughed out loud and I still do whenever I remember his words, for there is no place in the world I could ever feel safer than by the loving presence of my beautiful Spirit Wolf.

  5. Tony DeMalio says:

    Great website. I love wolves and sponsor a beautiful wolf named Nightsong at the Lakota Wolf Preserve in NJ. They are magnificent animals!

  6. Thank you for your kind words, Tony. Your involvement with wolves, sponsoring them and thereby playing an active role in their protection, is wonderful. Wildlife all around our planet is in much need for our support, protection and preservation efforts. There are never enough of us – true animal defenders – to speak up and unite for their safety and well-being, to be their voice and armor in the face of danger.

    I want to clarify that Zahn himself is not a wolf but a rare American breed called the Shiloh Shepherd. He made the cover of an animal magazine, a few years ago, for which I had written a feature story about this beautiful breed. The article can be viewed on my site at: http://www.genvievmartin.com/Articles.htm
    His striking resemblance to the Alaskan gray wolf and the quality of his thick, wolf-life coat always lead everyone to believe he comes straight from the wild.

    He and I share a special story as he came to me in my dreams, to announce his arrival into my life, before he materialized in my world. I had been searching for him for years, and when I was almost ready to give up, I suddenly awoke one night from the deepest of sleep, to see his powerful face staring right at me. The vision was so clear, I looked straight at him and exclaimed out loud: “He is here! Oh my God, he is here!” Considering my
    sleep is always profound and uninterrupted, and I have never been prone to sleep-talking, my partner awoke abruptly. Thinking someone had broken into our home, he jumped out of bed ready to confront the intruder I was pointing toward. “What is your name?” I continued asking Zahn, whose appearance remained crystal clear to me, “how will I find you?” My partner finally shook his head, seeing no one in the room aside from me sitting up straight in the middle of the bed, speaking toward the upper left corner of our four-poster canopy. I was only vaguely aware of his mumbling he was starting to be seriously worried about me. “You better find that canine animal you keep searching for soon,” he concluded before going back to bed and turning his back to me, “or you will be needing professional help.” Nothing could take my attention away from the vibrant presence of Zahn, finally there, right in front of me. I don’t remember laying back down. All I was aware of as I slid back into nothingness was his calm, powerful voice echoing through my consciousness: “Worry no longer, for I am coming to you.” I slept more peacefully that night I had in a very long time, as I carried the peace and energy of his visit with me. When I awoke the next day, I had no recollection whatsoever of the events of the night. It took the wide-eyed stare of my partner, as we were getting ready for work, for me to turn around and ask him: “What is wrong with you? Why are you staring at me like this? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” “You don’t remember?” he asked point blank. “Remember what?” I responded oblivious to what he was referring to. “You sat up straight in bed, in the middle of the night, staring at the ceiling and talking out loud to some imaginary wolf-dog!” I froze at his words as the memories of the incredible experience floated back to my memory. “Oh my God!” I exclaimed. “You are right! He came! He came to visit me! He said he was on his way!” My friend shook his head hopelessly with a frightened look in his eyes. Shortly after, Zahn was born from a Shiloh Shepherd female named Spirit and male named Phantom (how à propos when you think about it!) and amazingly found his way to me. While his dad was a powerful solid black male, his mother had a light gray sable coat and looked very much like an Alaskan gray wolf herself. His name – Zahn Spirit Wolf of Shenandoah – came to me without much of a thought and the rest is, as they say, history.

    From his youngest age, Zahn’s presence and energy has evoked strong reactions from people of all walks of life. His photos alone seem to be carrying his soul and energy as well. All I do, in truth, is point and shoot. He has quite a powerful presence and what an honor it is for me to be able to be his companion and messenger. A wise Shaman once looked at a photo of his and, startled, said to me: “This animal is a very powerful soul! Are you aware of this?” I smiled. How could I possibly have any doubt after the way he descended into my sleep to announce his arrival in my life. How many of us ever found a way to announce our incarnation to our loved ones, before we actually made the journey? So, even if wolf per say he is not, there is no doubt in my mind that my beloved Spirit Wolf he is.

    On this words, it is now time for his late night “moonlight” walk. With blessings and love from both of us.

  7. Tony DeMalio says:

    Thank you Genviev for your kind email and Zahn’s story – I enjoyed reading it. I also sent an email to you on your website. Peace to you and Zahn!

  8. — A message for Cindy —

    Hello Cindy, I am about to add a “Testimonials” page on our Spirit Wolf Press site to share the comments of those who are touched by Zahn’s work and messages. What you wrote in your post on August 22nd is so beautiful, I was wondering if I could I possibly have your permission to include your words on our site. Thank you in advance, Cindy.

    With love, Genvièv & the Spirit Wolf

  9. Cindy says:

    Yes, Genviev (hugs to Zahn)…..

    You certainly may use my post on your testimonial page….and thank you! When I read your clarification about Zahn being a shepherd, I thought of my brother’s wolf many years ago. He was a Timber Wolf but he passed him off as a shepherd! People would have been alarmed to think they were petting a wolf and not a dog. But Duke was a sweetheart. I grew up around him and he was my friend. My brother would take Duke way out into the countryside on weekends so he could run free. As soon as he was set loose to have a good run he would “puff up”, it actually looked like he grew! He was in his element and king of all he surveyed. While I look back now and realize that my brother was probably breaking some laws about having a wolf in the city, he adored this creature and knew without a doubt that he would never hurt anyone. He would not have jeopardized anyone’s safety had this wolf showed any aggression at all, and he never did. Whether it was right or wrong, Duke was a very dear companion to my brother and to the rest of us who knew him. I vividly remember a lady once paused to pet Duke and she stared straight into his eyes. She simply said, “This is more then a dog”…and she smiled that knowing smile. He was very special and I cherish my memories of him very much, for I believe I was touched on a level I couldn’t even understand at the time. As a child I just knew he was my friend and I loved him!

  10. Dear Cindy,

    Thank you for your kind response. I am looking forward to including your beautiful words on our site. What a wonderful story you shared with us about
    Duke. I never cease to be amazed by the depth and quality of impact our friends of the animal kind find a way to leave in our lives, in our
    consciousness, in our hearts. An impact that never seems to fade away with time. I wish I could have met your Duke, but somehow through your words, I
    feel as if I knew him.

    I would like to thank Susan for the depth of her kindness in welcoming the Spirit Wolf and I into this wonderful community. The support, positive feedback and personal correspondence I have received from so many of you have touched me deeply. A number of you wrote asking me to make our Spirit Wolf collections accessible to everyone via online ordering. I am thrilled to announce that the system is now in place and operational for our Kindred Spirits card. The same system will be added to each and every one of our designs as they become available. Your support and enthusiasm are deeply appreciated and essential in allowing us to continue on our mission to promote a new consciousness for humankind, based on the loving respect and protection of animal species. In a world where, unfortunately, true animal defenders are still a misunderstood minority, your friendship and presence by our side mean the world to us.

    With loving blessings from the Spirit Wolf’s crew.

  11. Hello Everyone 🙂

    A little note to share good news. First of all, our Spirit of the Wolf design is now in distribution and available for purchase. The card was beautifully printed and immediately won the heart of distributors in the Pacific Northwest. Which leads to more good news: our collections are now distributed in Oregon with the wonderful Nature’s Pet stores and in Washington with Norsemen Ventures! The enthusiasm and trust with which the collections were received was very exciting for us, so don’t hesitate to visit these beautiful stores to support their decision to carry our lines! Thank you for all of your positive words and support everyone, and don’t hesitate to call on me if you would like to join our growing network of distributors 🙂

    With loving blessings from the Pacific Northwest,

    Genvièv & The Spirit Wolf (soon to appear in the flesh at card signings 😉

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