Denise has been carrying the energy for a meditation group here in our Kindred Spirit Community. She’s finally sent me a photo—who knew she was so lovely!
Our Mermaid, Denise

Our Mermaid, Denise

O.k., this is late last summer on Little Traverse Bay( Petoskey, Michigan) about an hour north of my town Traverse City during an afternoon of darting in & out of the inlets that feed into Lake Michigan.  Looks serene but notice the rocks, the bottom is solid with those rascals! Sturgeon, white fish, trout,  steelhead, Walleye and the ancient water God the Musky glide through these lakes along with the annual Salmon run, it is an amazing place to be.

To our “community” as Susan calls it; not much feed back on the meditation we did some months ago?  How about doing a group Meditation on Mother’s Day morning before you get into what ever you do?  Quiet your spirit upon awakening for 15 minutes or so and in your silence allow for the love & well-being of all Mother’s (however many legs they may have that have graced your life!) .  When you have a chance, please share how the energy of the moment touched you and maybe a note or two about that special mom.
Denise (D.B.)
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  1. Denise says:

    One week ago today my mother and I discovered a baby dove on the windshield of her car; the proud parents sitting atop a roof just across from us watching. Minutes later another little one landed next to its sibling, the two of them flaring their feathers and strutting about the top of the car, practice sessions!

    This past week I’ve seen the little ones once or twice with one occasion that had my dog lola within feet of them on the ground shy but curious. As I write you one of the baby doves has been sitting on my patio railing since this morning. The mother flew over with it, deposited it and then took off. The exchange of interest between this baby and Lola & I today has been really sweet, new friends.

    I am wondering how the mother decided to sit her baby with us? Looking at its dappled feathers and gentle movements I guess I feel a bit protective as well as touched by the innocent presence of a new little creature. Hope your day is sprinkled with new beginnings!

    Denise (D.B.) aka The Mermaid…funny Susan! 🙂

    • Susan McElroy says:

      Denise, I think of every critter who shows up on my ground as “mine.” That is, mine to mother! Enjoy your doves. Aren’t the young’ins just darling!–Susan

  2. Sounds like a wonderful idea count me in. I also have been using a new idea for me to focus my emergy and prayers during the busy work-a-day world. I have a bowl about 8″ across, that I 1/2 filled with water. In the middle I put a votive candle holder. I carry with me a bag of rocks and a sharpie pen. As concerns cross my mind, things I want to pray about, I write the name or situation on the little flat rock. I then place it in my prayer bowl when i get home. I keep the candle lit much of the time and feel it helps me to focus on positive intention. At the end of the month I will pour the water on the garden and place the rocks at our ponds edge, and start over again. Now when I say I will light a candle, or keep you in my thoughts I have a safe, special way to honor that request.

  3. Cindy says:

    Love the picture Denise! I’m in that setting every summer in Michigan’s U.P. My kayak is red and our cabin looks out onto a little island that juts out into Lake Superior. I have collected many Petoskey rocks while wandering the same shoreline of Lake Michigan. This place brings me so much peace, it’s such a world away from all the hubbub our country experiences.

    I love the idea of a Mother’s Day meditation! Whether you are a mother or not really doesn’t matter either. We give birth to ideas, we midwife our dreams into reality, we nurture others, we comfort anyone who hurts….this is our natural born gift. Mother Earth does the same for us too, so let us celebrate all that the word “Mother” means. Most importantly let us support each other here on these pages, let’s tend each others dreams and frustrations as tenderly as a mother cares for her child.

    This is a sacred place…….

  4. Cindy says:

    When nature invades your home….

    For the last few days our fireplace has been the home for a nest of newborn raccoons. We have a hundred and forty year old fireplace that was once coal burning, so inside the fireplace, behind the brick, there is a shelf and then it drops off down the back, a perfect place for a litter of babies. It has since been converted to a gas fireplace (not my preference, I’m a purist and like wood, but hubby got his way on this one), so since it’s been warm outside the gas has been shut off. Momma raccoon found her way in through the cellar, we think, and up into the fireplace. Four nights ago sitting in the living room I kept hearing a tiny “squeak”, my beagle Bayley sat there cocking her head at the fireplace, something was up and she was going to get to the bottom of it! Listening closely, sure enough, you could hear these darling babies making that helpless, newborn squeak. With their mother being nocturnal she was hopefully returning at night to feed them, which we felt she must be doing. The next night, quite late, I actually heard them suckling, it sounded so precious and a sure sign momma was there. I contacted a wildlife rehabilitator friend, a colleague really, and she told me if I wanted them to move along, and to be sure they would not be abandoned, to leave a radio on the mantelpiece, no music just talk radio. It worked, momma wanted nothing to do with any human sounds and she moved her babies just like a mother cat would do if she sensed danger. I wanted to see those baby raccoons so bad, but nature with a little help from a radio took care of the dilemma. I visualized the mother raccoon carrying each baby out to safety, or into another part of the cellar, and I could see her tender care for them, holding each one gently in her mouth, bearing them lightly.

    The mother bear instinct is present in every mother I guess, the need to protect and defend. Mothers rule, that’s for sure! And whether you are a mother, or have ever mothered a box of kittens, or a stray animal, you know that urge too.

    Well, Happy “lusty month of May” to everyone (a nod to Camelot) as we move into that time of year we celebrate our mothers, both near and far, both with us and those that have no need of their earthly body anymore, we honor you all.

    In celebration of life….and wildlife!


    • Susan McElroy says:

      Last week, a wildlife rehab colleague of mine was given a nest of two-week old baby raccoons. I visited them, and was amazed at their intensity, and at the size of their mouths at that age! They are just about ALL mouth, and the most sweet-smelling little things you can imagine. All five are doing just fine with their new “mom,” who will care for them until they are weaned. Then, it’s off to the outdoor, “growing up” pen for the rest of the summer!

  5. Cindy says:

    Oh Susan, to have been able to nuzzle and smell those sweet babies nesting in my fireplace would have been wonderful! I can only imagine that baby smell, the newness and innocence of it. Last year I took care of some baby rabbits that were born in my back yard when their mother didn’t return to them. As they rapidly got bigger and fluffier I remember the smell of their little heads and backs. But there’s something about raccoons and the nuzzling thing they do that just makes me swoon!

  6. Denise says:

    Your story and the pictures it brings to mind are completely live! I think I would have dragged my feet instead of turning on the radio, even though I know it was the best thing.

    I’ll bet before you know it another bunch of newbies will find there way to your home! My step-dad and I always called the Raccoons the “night crew”! The team that came in the 11th hour to clean up the day and keep a game of “fun” going!

    Babies, this is the season. Lola (my dog) has the unending task of keeping the squirrels & chippie’s under control…really she loves them and waits for them to show up!

    We will all soon see babies, ducks, coons, fox, birds, fawns and one of my favorites the Eaglets. Please share your photo’s.


  7. Cindy says:

    Hello all…it’s me again…..

    I just wanted you to know I’ve been hit with a vicious strain of the flu, I could use some healing thoughts sent my way! My little girl came down with it today as well. My husband and older daughter are now on preventative prescriptions so they can avoid getting it altogether. This is rough! Just when I wanted to get out this weekend and start gardening in earnest! I’m weak as a kitten right now and am ordered to bed rest….not one of my strong points, especially when the outdoors are calling to me!

    I found this quote from Rumi (love that Rumi!):

    “Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing
    There is a field
    I’ll meet you there.

    When the soul lies down in that grass
    The world is too full to talk about”.

    Life hits us with “stuff” doesn’t it? I was busy making other plans for my weekend and now that’s on hold for a while. I just wanted you all to know. I feel the support and kindness of this community and I need all the good energy I can gather around me right now!

    Thank you all……

    In gratitude, Cindy

    PS… Note about the raccoons…..my neighbors told me a family of raccoons have moved into her basement! Hmmm, sounds like mama raccoon found a quieter home for a while!

    • Susan McElroy says:

      Oh, yuck! Please get LOTS of rest. These spring flu things are awful! Many healing blessings coming your way!

  8. Denise says:

    As I am sure the rest our community is doing; I’ve lit the sweet grass and stood out on the horizon to encourage the healing of your family. This stuff gets us sometimes just to remind us to slow the pace and hunker down for a wee bit of quiet time.

    I will see you in my daily meditations as” well and spunky!” I’m sure the rest of us will do the same! I’ts spring…hey, no time for feeling punky girl! 🙂 Time to garden! Get up & get going! xoxxo

    Check in and let us know if our collective good thoughts on healing are pumping you up!

    Denise (D.B.

  9. Cindy says:

    Denise, Susan and the rest of you darling crones:

    I have had a rapid recovery! I am thankful for the good drugs out there, they have their place, but I know healing takes place more fully when energy, prayer and meditation are the order of the day. Denise, the thought of you burning sweet grass for me made my eyes well up! So many times I have sent sweet smelling sage out into the atmosphere for someone in need of healing. Thank you so much, for I know without a doubt healing energy came my way this week, and it’s still coming. After the flu left my body I was left very weak, and just this morning I felt a surge of wellness enter me with the promise of vitality and stamina for the coming days. Yes, yes…..time to get up and going, my garden is calling, the sunflowers have sprouted and are sturdy enough to plant now along the picket fence. The basil is ready to go into the ground and my shepherd’s hooks (crooks?) are poised and ready for the hanging baskets to grace them for Mother’s Day.

    In deep appreciation and profound love for this circle of friendship and healing…..


  10. Cindy says:

    Reflections on my mother:

    My mother and I had a very difficult relationship. From her I got my love of animals, but most everything else was a challenge to be overcome. Now I spent a lot of years feeling cheated out of a having a “good” mother, but over time I realized that she was the perfect teacher for me. As I learned to transcend the difficulties of growing up with a woman who was one of the “walking wounded”, I found I was able to take every negativity thrust on me and turn it around….over time, and it wasn’t easy most days, but something in me said, “thus far and no farther”, so when my own daughter came along I was able to raise her without any shadow of my own upbringing tainting my precious, lovely child. My mom got me to where I am today. Out of pain came healing, out of loneliness came community, out of heritage came a new life for me and mine. She was the perfect teacher for me, and for that I love her deeply. I blessed my mother this morning in my meditation, I thanked her for handing me the challenges that made me into the woman I was meant to be. And then I silently told her:

    “I love you mama, I understand now”……

    Blessings to all mothers everywhere!


  11. Jennie says:

    About 3 weeks ago we kept on hearing sounds in our fireplace or wood burning stove, much to our surprise we opened the door to our unused firplace and found a Racoon and babies living their, my husband took a 12 foot 2 x 4 and put it down the chimeny allowing the mom to exit with the babies, it took her all night and and the following day to remove all of the babies but left us with a terrible smelly mess. HELP? we cleaned everthing up and desenficted everything but we still have an odor and it is making me have a terrible problem breathing. I don’t know if anyone has any sugestions on what to do to get rid of this odor, of urine and fecal matter. Have tried everything. Sick in Michigan. Thank you, love and light, Jennie

    • Susan McElroy says:

      Jennie: Wildlife pee and poo can be quite intense! If you haven’t soaked the whole inside of the stove with “Nature’s Miracle,” do that. Do it several times. Then write me back and let me know how it worked.

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