This year’s blue moon will be shining bright on August 31st. The blue moon happens once each year, when two full moons occur in one month. This second full moon, or “blue moon” is the thirteenth moon of each year, named after the Clan Mother “Becomes Her Vision.” As her name implies, Becomes Her Vision is the keeper of all cycles of transformation, and is the mother of change. She follows on the heels of She Who Heals, the guardian of the eighth moon cycle, and the mother of all the healing arts, herbalism, midwifery, spirit healing, and of the life-death mysteries.

How wonderful this year that August contains two such perfect, complementary moons? Healing and Vision—is there a more powerful duo you can think of?

Normally, I hold my prayer ceremonies on the new moons of each cycle, but I failed in my duties this month. Luckily, I have the opportunity to pray for two moon cycles in this one month, so I’ll honor the full moons this particular “blue” month.

If you have any prayers you would like to send my way, especially those for healing, transformation, and new vision, please send them to me by next Friday, the full moon. It should be a very special night, and I hope that the sky is clear so that I can see Becomes Her Vision’s shining face through the pipe smoke.

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3 Responses to ONCE IN A BLUE MOON

  1. what lovely thoughts to hold while I watch the Blue Moon. Thank you.

  2. aletheia mystea says:

    Hi Susan, Aletheia here. I continue to place myself and my journey with Destiny Grace, twixt and tween, at the center of my prayer requests. On this Blue moon day, it is our 6 month anniv. of the day she ascended… Friday March 16. I mark every Friday there is, and this one marks 6 months of fridays. I miss her beyond belief!!!

    I also place friends and family with the blessing of this blue moon’s grace.

    Bless our planet and every creature in every corner of creation, amen!

  3. Suzy Gerlicher says:

    Hi Susan, I am glad that Spirit sent you some of its’ most special of and precious of gifts. I am also glad you found peace in meditation, blessing and prayer. I had that same thing happen and I really got a few days of the bright moonlight on our patio and our plants, a pure night sky blinking with stars, crickets singing their best songs and most of all the clearest air to breathe and the weather just right. Just the right situation to have Spirit speak…..especially when your soul is free to listen. 🙂 May we always be free to listen and have blessings to you and your family always!

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