Time to send prayers up to the cosmos once again. Questions? See this post. This month, our prayers will be accompanied by the powerful energies of  Clan Mother Listening Woman. Listening Woman teaches us to” listen to all of the viewpoints represented in our world in order to learn the harmony that can be found through allowing each life form to have its Sacred Point of View.”

Having been a talker all my life, this clan mother is especially precious to me, and has so much to teach. I do best these days when I talk less and listen more. Nature has so many voices she speaks with that listening to her is the work of a lifetime.

Please send me any prayers you would like me to put into my medicine pipe, and I’ll send them to spirit in a good way. As always, I’ll keep them confidential.

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2 Responses to NEW MOON PIPE TIME

  1. Cindy says:

    Love to you Susan as we enter a new month. Yes, I agree, talking less and listening more, (without judgement) allows me to expand and be enriched by another’s viewpoint. Even if I find I can’t agree, I am much more willing to just “let it all be” and allow each individual their own truth. Looking forward to being a part of your ceremony. Will email you shortly with my personal requests. Thank you!

    • Susan McElroy says:

      Hi Cindy! Good to hear from you! I’m waiting for my friend Megan to call and let me know what night this weekend she will be available to come for the pipe and prayer. I’ll let you know date and time as soon as I find out. I love to have you—and all the others out there—praying along with!

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