windchimeStephen Levine (author, meditator, and really far-out, cool fellow that I had the pleasure to meet once) says ,” Healing is the growth that each person seeks. Healing is what happens when we come to our edge, to the unexplored territory of mind and body, and take a single step into the unknown, the space in which all growth occurs.”

I say, the small boo-boos of life require cures: colds, cuts, breaks, scrapes, and infections. The big things in life—big illnesses, big catastrophes, big sorrows—require healing. You don’t cure divorce, the death of a spouse, the loss of your home, but you can always find healing in these journeys.

Thanks to Kindred Spirit Denise, we are becoming a community that sends healing and blessings to our Kindred Spirit family members on Saturday mornings. Sitting in silent meditation, we know our energy may not provide “cures,” but always provides healing. Join in! (meet Denise in the “comments” to many posts—a natural born community organizer and healer. Okay, Denise—send in a photo and introduction so we may plaster you up in the “Meet the Community” category where you belong!)

To become part of our healing meditation circle, simply set aside 15-20 mintutes of time at 7am (in your own time zone) on the first Saturday of every month to send goodwill, healing energy, blessings, and/or prayers to our growing community!

Could you use some blessings yourself during a difficult time? Reply to this post. Tell us briefly what you could use some good energy for. Then, on March 7th, prepare to get some good medicine coming your way!

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  1. Karuna says:


    I have read some of Stephen’s writing, and his words ring SO TRUE! Presently I am dealing with the prospect of actually dissolving a 30+yr. marriage, while at the same time coping with unresolved ‘family of origin’ matters.
    Life is full of opportunities and challenges..Namaste….Karuna

  2. Olivia says:


    What a great idea this healing meditation circle. I am going through a rough time myself, living with a partner of 19 years in a house that has been for sale for 11 months now. Our relationship is over and as soon as our house is sold my new freedom will embrace me as he will be going his way and me mine.

    I say to myself Don’t look back, move on….

    Thank you!


    • Susan McElroy says:

      Olivia, I so believe that it is in the “nature” of all life to carry and provide healing energy. I believe we honor our human nature by asking for and offering healing. My own definition of healing is this—to become more of our authentic and whole selves. This requires natural balance. Nature is, thus, the living example that teaches us of the many faces of balance and harmony. Welcome to the community!—Susan

  3. Cindy says:


    You are on a journey, aren’t you? I’m sure many here can relate to your same issues at present. While it would seem you are dealing with some pretty heavy stuff, the chance for spiritual growth is enormous, and exciting! We crones, us forty-something, fifty-something year old women seem to come to these crossroads in our life about now. I think it’s because we are being pushed to that next level. The living we have done up until now has either taught us something that we have embraced, or our discontent will not be ignored any longer, she is rearing her head to be dealt with. The Universe shines a very bright light on what needs healing, and while it can be unsettling at best, it is ultimately a loving force that knows we can transcend that which would hold us down… we can soar free!

    There is genuine love and support here. Bearing witness to one another is an honor. Namaste to you as well……


    • Susan McElroy says:

      And, I would like to add, if you are seeking more about living the Crone archetype, I can’t think of a better “reflection” ground than the journal, “Crone: Women Coming of Age.” It’s listed on my blog links—get a subscription and enjoy this remarkable, vital time of a woman’s life!—Susan

  4. Lynne Herlacher says:

    Lynne here,
    Hello to all of you — I would love to involve myself in the healing meditation. And also would ask to have some of the energy coming to me.

    When thinking about my “Plight” two thoughts happened almost at the same time. First, the word plight is the word light with the letter ‘p’ in front of it. That made me chuckle as I thought of all the words I could use for that letter. Some were not nice.

    Then I thought of my plight which has been with me since I can remember. It is not life shattering but has been life forming. It is the lack of true commitment to myself. I want to be able to take care of myself with love and generosity without the guilt of being reminded, by my inner voices, that I was just being selfish. I was taught being that way was wrong and a shameful way of acting.

    I would now, as a Crone, like to honestly walk my talk of acceptance, love and awareness. How wonderful to be so full of one’s self energy and the energy that this universe offers, that being of service to others would only bring joy. Being of service would no longer be determined by having to relay on a false sense of duty or “I really should do this”……..

    That is the energy I would love to have move into my very being. To love myself and my gifts so much that they would just overflow for others in an abundance of unconditional love. It is hard to share one self fully if a person feels they are “not enough”. My tendency has been to hoard myself. And I believe that creates a false idea of isolation for me.

    So this Saturday I will join in a healing circle to give and receive. Thank you all.


    • Susan McElroy says:

      Lynne: This issue of guilt coming up over good self care is something I can really relate to in my own family of origin. “Selfish” was a word used to describe all manner of respect for self. It is a hard thing to overcome, isn’t it? Thank you for being so very honest and willing to say these things out loud. It is courageous.—Susan

  5. Kathy Nicholl-Bayer says:

    What a wonderful healing ! I am a 57 yr old YES! Crone Woman who has been at the crossroads of her life for a good 10 years and would not change a minute of it.
    Please pray for my daughter in law Gina so that she may find forgiveness in her heart for whatever reason she holds judgement of me and uses my grandchildren as the weapon. Please pray for her .
    I will be there in Spirit at 7am tomorrow.
    Kathy Nicholl-Bayer

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