images-1My dear friend and crone mentor Ann Krielkamp sent me this u-tube link. I really liked it! While I watched it, I was saying to myself, “Well, Star Seeds, get your butts in gear in a hurry and help pull us out of this collective mess!”


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5 Responses to MIGHT YOU BE A STAR SEED?

  1. Cindy says:


    I am reminded of a phrase I learned growing up: “Chaos is but order, misunderstood”. I don’t remember who told me this, maybe a sage friend, a quote from a book, or maybe it was from Confucius……maybe it was a Star Seed?, I don’t know, but what I do know is these five words have set me straight countless times in my life, when things were spinning out of control and I didn’t understand why. My soul feels this is true, that we don’t fully grasp why things are the way they are, the world, the economy, our homes, our families…..whatever it is…..but maybe we’re not supposed to, and just maybe everything is on the right track even though it seems otherwise. I also believe with my whole heart that there are beings among us who vibrate to a deeper rhythm, who are here for a purpose and for a specific amount of time. The keepers of the small, the vulnerable, the motherless, these souls are definitely answering to a higher call and serving a grander purpose….like you Susan. Definitely. I like to think my soul recognizes one of these beings when I see one or when I feel their energy and love. I trust my soul to know, or not. I’m sure I’ve missed some opportunities. And finally, I trust this blessed space you’ve provided as the fertile ground from which we can grow into greater, broader and more gentle people.

    So I thank you Susan……(Star Seed)!

  2. D.B. says:

    Beautiful…thank you! Wonderful to be reminded of one another!

    Denise (D.B.)

  3. Erin says:

    Although I do not necessarily believe that Star Seeds have to be from another planet, I do think that there are souls on this earth who do feel, experience, and understand things at a much deeper level than the rest. Their being is open to take inside themselves that which the rest of us only touch the surface of.

  4. Cindy says:

    Susan, it takes one to know one, eh? OK, I’ll take the Star Seed mantel, if only to pass it on to someone else. Lovely, the idea of a “seed”, isn’t it? We are all planting seeds everyday aren’t we? Seeds of hope and love, or seeds of fear and pain. It’s our choice. But I like to think that each day, in some small way, I can plant a seed…….a thought, a prayer, a smile, a touch, and sometimes, something big! I also know this, people who do their best to live at this level recognize those who do also! So, I recognize and honor each and every one of you out there! Never underestimate for a single second the enormous good you are putting out into the Universe. And may it return to you a hundredfold!

    Time to go plant some more seeds…….

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