Introduce Yourself!

This week, one of our kindred spirits asked if we could have a place here for people to share photos of their animals. I thought, “Sweet! How about sharing that and more!?” So, I am inviting—beseeching—you to introduce yourself to this community!

He's not a pet, but he visits so often, we consider the pileated woodpecker on the feeder outside to be family.

Please go to my contact page if you don’t already have my email address (I’d put it here, but WordPress cautions not to, for spam reasons), and tell me you’d like my email address, which I’ll send you quickly. Then, send me/us something about yourself, your animal/nature family, or anything else you think the kindred spirit community ought to know! Let’s get this thing growing!

He’s not a pet, but he visits so often, we consider the pileated woodpecker on the feeder outside to be family.
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5 Responses to Introduce Yourself!

  1. Denise says:

    What fun to have read your work faithfully and now be able to go to the next level…blogging!

    Does anyone out there have any stories to share about Eagles? There is a nest near my house and last year I was lucky enough to see the Eaglets. Many times they seem to follow my dog and I as we take our walks.


    • Susan McElroy says:

      Hi Denise: I’m creeping along, finger-hold by finger-hold to the “next level!” My blogging skills are just below that of a dead person, but I’m working on it. I, too, lived near an eagle next for the past two years. Bald eagles. I would watch the eaglet all through the summer, from skinny little white guy to big, brown fat boy. What a process, and what a memory! Glad to have you here!

  2. Denise says:

    Hi! I am a different Denise. I am a lifelong animal lover. I live in West Chester, PA, 45 minutes west of Philadelphia. I love my bird house and feeders; my gray and red squirrels and chipmunks. I try to be at peace and in harmony with nature. At very difficult times in my life, when I could not make a life changing decision, I would sit in my yard among the trees, flowers, birds and wildlife and allow the truth embrace me. It never failed that I would always be led down the right path. I have so many perfect memories of such a time.

    My favorite is when my husband and I thought we might have to cut down a tree because the roots were lifting the neighbor’s driveway and our grass would not grow underneath the thick umbrella-like branches. The decision was almost made to cut it down. The tree compnay was called. I was outside looking at the feeder. I walked to the tree to remove the feeder that was hanging from the lowest branch. Suddenly, a goldfinch landed on the feeder. I paused as it continued to eat. I walked toward the feeder. The tiny yellow bird never left its perch. I was 2 feet away and I enjoyed a site I never could have dreamed. Then I cried. And our beautiful maple is thriving, the feeder is full and nurishing and the goldfinch family still comes to joyfully sing and perchand eat!

    Loving thoughts always, Denise V.

  3. Sue says:

    Hi Susan,

    Great idea to introduce ourselves. I am a registered nurse and live in AZ with my 4 Bernese Mountain Dogs and 1 GSD rescue. My life is changing and I’ve lost so much this past year. But in losing my previous life I found your books, and your blog. In the midst of my losses I horses came to me. I started volunteering at Best Friends Animal Society at Horse Haven and the horses taught me so much, and brought me so much healing and love. With that love, they brought me a dream to start a horse sanctuary someday. As I move forward from old life to my new one, the one thing that stays constant for me is a love of animals. They are truly amazing teachers if we can just listen.

    Sue German
    Chino Valley, AZ

    • Susan McElroy says:

      Hi Sue: Yes, in a cosmic sense, many of us are being asked to end one life and begin another. It is a traumatic, challenging time with great possibilities.

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