I love you Bernie Siegel

Bernie and Buddies

Bernie and Buddies

Dr. Bernie Siegel—healing visionary and animal lover—was one of the special reasons I survived cancer.  His book, “Love, Medicine, and Miracles” was my bible for those scary years. I’m honored to have him here in this community, sharing photos, and his poetic, goofy, and wonderful words. Welcome aboard, Bernie—I worship at your lotus feet…

hey good to see you

we have 4 cats an 2 dogs

latest is rusty and he has rings of color on legs and interesting patterns and narrow face could he be part siamese too?
and full of life and love
attaching photo of me and dogs furphy and buddy
and miracle running group therapy
penny is catholic and on bottom shelf with guilt issues
and buddy rescued after writing book buddy’s candle and hearing voice tell me to go to local animal shelter
there sat dog named buddy been there less than 15 minutes
Working Cats!

Working Cats!

so took him home
a loving screw ball
i talk to them now after amelia kinkade taught me to be quiet and get into their heads.—peace, bernie”
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2 Responses to I love you Bernie Siegel

  1. Cindy says:

    What a blessed man and what a blessed book! Oh the lives you have touched and healed, you are an everlasting inspiration to all. Animals have been instrumental in every healing I have ever experienced, both on a physical level and especially on an emotional level. To live, laugh and love and have a cat……a special kind on heaven on earth!

  2. Thank you, Bernie, for your fabulous books. They have meant so much to me over the years. My mother made her transition from the chronic illness and slowly creeping paralysis of MS. Caring for her as a young teenager left me with an insatiable desire to study the mind/body connection. I found my way to your books and they have made a lasting impression on me. They not only have given me hope, but affirm the remembrance of my Soul that we are much more than our bodies. ~ Connie

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