LolaFrom Denise: “Quick shot of my beloved beast Lola, out for our morning walk…pretty sure she is looking for “chippies!”  Rescued at 4 weeks 8 1/2 years ago, her mother pure Sharpie and father pure Pitt Bull.  The owners of the Sharpie wanted to breed and show when  their female hooked up with another show dog/Pitt Bull-daddy!   At about 4-weeks  2 miles into the Northern woods in an old abandoned car the owners of the Sharpie dumped the puppies?! My daughter (14 at the time) got wind of this and signed us up to get one!?  Needless to say that night at dinner when she had just begun to tell me the story of the puppies the phone rang and it was one of the rescue persons checking to see if I was indeed interested in adopting this baby?!  Picture my daughter Haley in the background doing a really good pantomime/skit to hurry up and fill in the blanks?!!! 🙂  x0xx0  🙂
Having been raised on a farm and always allowed to bring anything from turtles, bunnies or stray dogs and occasional donkey home you can imagine what I said?  YES! Still love to tease my daughter about the speech that she would “take care of the puppy every day mom”.  As history shows the caregiver would be me!
I’m sending this on the heels of Kerry’s Ghost Dog letter to remind us that they find us when we are needed and they move on when they know its time…
I’d love to hear about others experiences and I have been especially driven lately in my meditations and readings about the wild horses in this country that I just found out the government may not be protecting from being sold for meat and what ever else.  If any of you have some stories about your beloveds beasts please share.
Wishing you a very good day!
Wags from Lola!
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  1. Cindy says:

    We all have our dog and cat tales don’t we? I have three dogs, too many on some days, but mostly they make me smile when I see three happy wagging dog butts every morning! We also have four indoor cats…..they are my Zen teachers. My middle dog Annie is a rescue. I found her when we lived in West Texas. She roamed the neighborhood for weeks before she let me catch her. When I had almost given up one cold and snowy January day, she showed up outside the garage door, visibly thinner and dejected looking. I tried to coax her once again but she up and ran off, as usual. I threw my hands up and uttered a prayer. Before I went back inside I felt compelled to send her some direct energy. I gazed in the direction she took off and said, “You are welcome here, I want to help you. You will be safe and I will love you with all my heart……please come back”. Within fifteen minutes I looked out again to see her curled up in the snow not 50 yards from my back door, out in a frozen field. We stared at each other for a minute, then I walked right up to her, I bent down and picked her straight up. We just looked into each other’s eyes as I carried her into the garage. I laid her down on a dog bed and went in to get her some food. She ate and then slept for the next three days, only getting up to eat and go out in the yard. She knew she was “home”, I knew I had a new dog I didn’t need. But I really DID need her, she has proven to be the loyalist, sweetest dog imaginable. Several years later when my one year-old had gotten halfway up the stairs at home, (I had gone into the kitchen for just a minute) I was startled to hear Annie barking loudly and incessantly. I found her up the stairs between my baby and the lower steps. She was guarding her from falling down the stairs! Well, you can imagine what a relief that sight was! Annie is my girl, she’s a black lab/rottweiler mix, she’s about eight years old and wears a red bandana around her neck. She’s as sweet as they come.

    I am a total sucker for a stray dog. I’ll pick one up in a heartbeat. Some to find their owner, some to nurse back to heath and a new home, some to put to sleep in my arms because they were too sick to save. Whatever it is, I know these animals are placed in our path for a reason. Mostly, I find, they help us grow in grace just a little bit more. There is a reason I believe that dog spelled backwards is “god”……through my dogs and those I’ve known, I have come to touch the humanity and connectedness we all share. Man, beast and the Mystery of it all combined. Truly, my religion is nature, animals and love…..that’s all I need…..and a stray dog helped to teach me that.

  2. D.B. says:

    Hey Cindy! Please send a photo of Annie! Again, it is true they find us when we need them! Annie is a treasure, thank you for sharing. I hope we hear more stories of the rescue animals in our life.

    Funny as I write this I think “wait a minute, I’m the rescued!” !

    Well..Hugs from me and Wags from Lola to you and Annie!


  3. Cindy says:

    How true you are! WE are the rescued! When we reach out to an animal that is reaching out to us, we are changed for the better. Sometimes it’s busting a comfort zone wide open, as in, “I don’t need another animal, I’m too busy, I’m too tired”, whatever it is. But animals, especially the ones in need, get us out of ourselves. It’s like community service in the animal kingdom! You can’t stay down or troubled about life when you’re helping an animal… can only be blessed. I have been rescued more times then I can count. Rescued, redeemed, broadened and humbled. Not bad for opening your heart to a dog, cat, raccoon or…..mouse!

    I will be happy to send in a picture of Annie! I should have done it sooner, but I will this week….Annie, Jake, Bayley, Zen Master Jackson, Keoke, Callie and Little Small…..They all may find their pictures on this site as well!

  4. What a beautiful story, Cindy! Words of wisdom which resonate deeply within my heart and soul…

    Love and blessings to you and your wonderful Annie,

    Genvièv & The Spirit Wolf

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