Cindy, a Seeker

Hi Susan! My name is Cindy and I live in Lexington, Kentucky.  My husband and I along with ourpb010380 two daughters live in a hundred and forty year old house that has been our joy and challenge for the last five years.  The quirks and surprises of an old home never cease to delight and confound us.   We are blessed to be surrounded by horse farms and rolling green pastures wherever we look.  We have seven pets: a golden lab/shepherd mix, a lab/rottweiler mix and a beagle along with four indoor cats that we adore, and who adore us in return.  I am a seeker of Truth.  I seek to “know” rather then believe.  I am a Reiki Master and massage therapist, and between the two have been able to facilitate healing in those suffering from post trauma, as well as healing myself of emotional pain from the past. My pets have taught me much about the art of just “being”.  Through them I have learned to relax more, laugh more and see the true spiritual nature in every living thing.  I am
blessed by this life I have, my family and beloved pets mean everything to me.  I am delighted you have provided this way of meeting like-minded people.  Your website is beautiful and a beacon to kindred spirits everywhere!  Thank you for this sense of community and I look forward to meeting others as they are led to this sacred space.  I would like to post again soon when I can attach some photos of my pets and the view from my back porch!  Until then……Cindy

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  1. Cindy says:

    Hello everyone…

    Under the heading “Maple Musings” I mentioned the graceful cardinal that visited my back yard and taught me so much. What I wanted to share with you all is the absolute perfect timing of this bird’s appearance in my yard. I had been holding onto some painful memories that had taken a hold of me, and the thought of letting go of them actually sacred me. I had come to believe letting go would be my undoing! I had become defined by the pain I clung to. Watching this bird in all his beauty, with his face to the wind, holding on with grace, flowing, bending, swaying with the storm, was both at once mesmerizing and life changing. He didn’t fight the storm, he didn’t look as if he was holding on for dear life, he just faced it….and went with it. After a while, when he was ready, he simply let go. He let go and flew away. I thought he would be immediately blown hither and yon, but no, he flew in the direction he wanted to go and kept his course. So, what I came away with was the understanding I could face anything, flow with it, holding on as long as needed to get my bearings, and then……let go. A simple story no doubt, but aren’t the simple things in nature that which inspire us the most? I needed a “sign” that early Spring day that it was finally time for me to let go and move on, and I got it in the most gentle and beautiful of ways. When I have a problem arise now I face it, flow with it, get my bearings, and when it doesn’t serve me anymore I let it go and I get on with my day.

    It took a little red cardinal to show me the way…..


    • Susan McElroy says:

      Cardinals are new to me here in Indiana. I’ve seen them all my life on Christmas cards and never imagined the real ones were far more amazing than any card!

  2. valerie says:

    Beautiful Cardinal story! Life will carry us where we need to be if we step aside and let it do its work.

    Watch the signs,

  3. Cindy – I find your typo absolutely LOVELY~!

    “the thought of letting go of them actually sacred me”

    I hope life continues to ‘sacred’ you

    I have a good friend who lives in Georgetown and am looking forward to the WEG in 2010 – Pam

  4. Cindy says:


    Wow, I didn’t catch that! But I have always known that when I feel scared I am in the presence of something sacred! Just switch the “c” and “a” and you have a profound truth. The fear always leads to the light, the truth, the “sacred” Truth of our being, it’s just sometimes we are only led to know this when we’re scared out of our wits!

    Thank you for pointing that out, I will ponder on that more today……

    Blessings to you…Cindy

    PS…..Oh yes, the World Equestrian Games are going to be quite the event here. I am looking into volunteering at the games to help address and calm the horses with Reiki.

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