animalOkay, kindred spirits—you asked, and this is the best way I can think to craft this. As a “forum” of sorts, I am creating new categories here on the blog for you to comment in. I’m making my first one for “For Animal Lovers-Comment Here,” and starting with this beautiful message from Jeff. Just jump with your animal/spirit stories under any post in that category. I’ll be making categories for pond lovers, garden lovers, and any other category you suggest to me that you would enjoy.

Up dates on Button’s great adventure coming soon! Now, here is Jeff. Enjoy…


Had to tell you an interesting story.

At my parent’s home (my Mom died in April) I was on a few weeks off and sat reading on the porch.  One day a chicadee comes on the railing 2 feet from me and stares at me and takes off.  Next day the same.   I said “is that you Ma?”, LOL!  as the souls of the dead are traditionally carried on the wings of birds.  one day I wasn’t there the usual time and I looked out and the bird was on my chair.  Next day I was gone all day and came home to find a gift on the porch- the chickadee’s feeder.  On a friday it came again, stared and took off.  The time was 7:35pm- Mom died on a friday at 7:30pm.  Cool!  I am grateful.

Well- in addition to my fish and canary i now have 2 love birds and have been offered a dog- Shiba Imu- so I’ll have to check it out.

Hope you are well.

Thought you might like this from my Celtic prayer book

“I mantle myself in the covering of creatures:

stillness of owl, perception of eagle, humility of wren, speed of horse, strength of bear, courtesy of deer, repose of serpent, silence of mouse, courage of salmon. Nine creatures about me to clothe and protect me, on the ways that I walk.”

from-CELTIC DEVOTIONAL by Caitlin Matthews



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8 Responses to ANIMAL SPIRITS

  1. Cindy says:

    Oh wow! Beautiful. Definitely your mother Jeff. Definitely. What a huge blessing for you, she must have loved you very, very much! I love this Susan, and I think it will inspire many more to comment that didn’t know how to fit in something under a regular post. Oh, and I LOVE the Celtic prayer! From one Irish soul to another, this is something I have felt for years now…..the comfort and protection of animals… a blanket over me. Yes. Beautiful.

  2. Beryl says:

    Very touching and I agree – it must be mum.
    Is that gorgeous picture a plate or painting?
    Can it be purchased?


    • Susan McElroy says:

      Hi Beryl: I found that photo on Google images when I looked for “spirit animal images.” I didn’t track it to its creator, but it certainly is gorgeous, yes?

  3. Cindy says:

    Well, I thought I would comment here today, September 11, 2009, and this is as good a category as any……

    I am sitting recalling that terrible day eight years ago. After the initial shock and horror of watching everything unfold on TV, I went outside and hugged my dogs. My husband and I talked a lot by phone that day. He was at work and needed to stay, so I went and picked up my ten year old daughter from school. We came back home and hugged the dogs some more. We got the cats all together and hugged them too. I remember we went outside (wanting to get as close to nature as possible), and sat on the grass listening to the quiet that surrounded our neighborhood. There was a soft breeze and the sunshine was warm and comforting. The birds still sang, the dogs still played and tussled with each other….my daughter still needed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to be made. So we moved on slowly through that day, grateful for the smallest of things, mostly for being together, mostly for our pets and home and neighbors……and the fact that nature wrapped itself like a blanket around us that day. Still does, for these are the things that matter. The world will change, it will ebb and flow, and it can bring us to our knees, but at home surrounded by all that is dear, surrounded by nature and animals and love, we can rest assured in knowing this……we can bless and laugh. We can help and nurture. We can love and connect. And we are better people because of it. Nature is a constant, the love of pets is a constant, and helping one another never goes out of style…..and it’s within these things that I find my strength and safety. It never was the outside world that brought me peace, it’s always been an inside job. Today as I reflect, I am thankful for the love I feel for this country and her people, and I am profoundly thankful for my kinship with nature and all that endures and renews. Herein lies the peace I seek.

    May you all feel this same measure of blessing…..


  4. Kerry says:

    We were out walking a coupla days back and a magpie was sitting on a front yard fence 3 feet from the sidewalk TALKING talking talking. We stood right in front of him and listened for at least 5 minutes and I managed to get even closer to him and talked back to him. The only time he started to look like he might leave is when Farley came within a foot of the fence while he was sniffing things. Otherwise he just hung out looking at us and talking. It was incredible. Never had such an experience before. We actually moved on before he did. He moved to a couple of different perches then, but kept talking. Wow. It was very cool.

  5. Kerry says:

    I was out in the woods the other evening, too, and heard the clack clack voices of the little birds roosting in the trees all around me. I looked up to see what kind they were and a massive hawk was sitting quietly on a branch. I stood looking at him for a moment in awe, surprised that Farley hadn’t disturbed him already. Finally he took off, followed by a trail of the small birds. It was magical. I’ve had it on my mind the last several days. I think he was there for me, but I don’t know how to interpret it yet. I’ve looked at my animal medicine books, but am still unsure of the message.

  6. Kerry says:

    Okay, me again! I’ve had 2 fox encounters this week. Fox happens to be my primary totem. While others seem to see a lot more coyote than I do, fox is very often there for me.
    My fox today came loping past on the fringe of the ravine. I ran out onto the deck of the building, called to it and began telling it how beautiful it was. He stopped and looked at me, then slowed right down, finally jumping up onto a raised tree bed. He just sat there for about 3 minutes as if posing. He watched several whiskey jacks swoop into the trees around him. A magpie came and perched on the railing near me. Finally he got up and lifted his leg on a nearby tree before disappearing into the ravine.
    By the way, apparently there were 2 magpies during my talking magpie encounter of earlier this month, but one was silently perched in a tree above us. I was so engrossed by the talking magpie, I don’t remember the other, but my partner does. Maybe there were others today too, but I only took my eyes off the fox long enough to look at the one on the railing close to me.

    • Susan McElroy says:

      Hi Kerry: One of my best friends walks with Fox. For her, the revelation about fox came when she read that fox accomplishes in the shadows, and does not create in the limelight. Fox keeps a low profile, and is thus able to watch from the shadows, seeing everything.

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