I’ve not offered animal readings in the past. Rarely, I would undertake a reading or two, but mostly, I sent these requests on to other communicators. I’ve been made aware that it’s time for me to offer this service to a broader readership. For now, I’m focusing on helping people connect with animal companions who have crossed over. If you are interested in a communication of this kind, please write me and I can share more fully how I do this work. If my process feels good to you, I’m happy to work with you and your beloved animal friend.

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4 Responses to ANIMAL READINGS

  1. Kerry says:

    Hi Susan,

    I’ve dropped out of sight for a while and am trying to get some order and routine again! We had a major plumbing disaster in the house just over a month ago, and have been living in a hotel for the past 3 1/2 weeks with both dogs and cat. Oh joy. Anyway, lots of coming and going to the house for contractors and insurance adjustors and restoration specialists…. All routine has dropped to the wayside. Most of our belongings are in boxes and/or are in a public storage unit. I miss my cookbooks!! I never thought we’d be out this long! We’ll be in this hotel for at least another 2 weeks. Sigh. Anyway, if you’ve noticed my absence at all (book club or otherwise), that would be why. I didn’t even have regular internet for a while until we were settled into this last residence hotel, so at least now I’ve got that!

    You take care of yourself and Carter. I’m thinking hard about having you contact my beloved Fern-cat when the water has dried and dust settled. I miss her very much, and have considered contacting her for all these 4 years since she left. In the meantime, I’ll carry on here getting things back in order. We are doing very well with it all, and actually are quite excited about the opportunities that this has created for designing a spanky new space to live in. There have been plenty of silver linings! (It’s been great having a tv! And housekeeping! Tee hee!)


    • Susan McElroy says:

      Hi Kerry: When my house burned down, I went through all that contractor/adjuster/restoration stuff. It was time consuming and a pain to be sure, but redoing my house was like an unimagined Christmas present! New FURNITURE?! Are you kidding me?!

  2. Christi Ballard says:

    Hi Susan,
    My 19 yr old cat Taja died 3 1/2 yrs ago. She was my best friend and the love of my life. I bonded with her like no other animal I have had, and I have had many. After she died I prayed many times to “Please let me know that she is okay and that she is happy.” You hear so many stories about animals not having souls or going to heaven, etc. Well, 14 months after she died I got an answer to my prayers. I walked through my door after work one day and said “Hi girls” to the two cats I now have. As usual they didn’t even acknowledge my presence. But two seconds after I said “Hi girls” I heard, in my head, Taja’s happiest meow. I can’t explain the meow, but it is like 3 syllables long and is a meow I have never heard out of my other cats. It was a small, almost far away sound, but crisp and clear. I almost cried. There is no doubt in my mind that it was Taja. Thank you again God, for answering my prayers and blessing me with letting me hear Taja one more time.

    With that said, I would really be interested in hearing more of what readings you do.

    Love your website Susan,
    Christi Ballard

    • Susan McElroy says:

      Hi Christi: I work with my medicine pipe, and photos of the animal. I do invocations to the seven sacred directions, smoke the pipe while sitting with the photos, and then take notes on what comes. It is always a learning experience for me!

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