allmyrelationsWhen I was young (back in the covered wagon days), I spent my summers reading. By a pool, on a towel in the backyard, traveling in cars on vacation, in bed on those shortened summer nights, on a lakeshore near the woods, along rivers, and on rare occasions, in libraries.

In fond memory of those luxurious days, I am offering a summer book circle. The book I’ve chosen this time around is one of my own. This was Carter’s idea, not mine. I had another one in mind, but Carter said, “You write books, silly! Read one of your own!” And so my selection is one of my favorite, although least publicized books, “ALL MY RELATIONS. This is a great book to get your mind and your heart reflecting, and has a series of great practices at the end of each chapter. I haven’t read it myself since it was published. It’s time for me to take another look, and I’d love some company doing it!

Sharing with others—here and in bi-weekly phone circles—deepens the reading experience and also our connection with our kindred spirit family. You will remember these weeks together.

My intent is to make this an enjoyable, nurturing experience, thus, your participation will be entirely up to you. If you can’t finish a chapter a week, or don’t want to do one (or any) of the practices at the end of the chapters, let your body and energy levels be your guide. Those of you with some extra time—or who can create extra time for our Readers’ Circle—may want to dive in deeply!

"I love reading at the pool! Let's sign up as soon as we towel off!"

"I love reading at the pool! Let's sign up as soon as we towel off!"

Here is our 10 week/chapter calendar:

  • DATES: I’ll be posting on Mondays, weekly, for each successive chapter, beginning on June 22, running through August 24. Post your own comments on each chapter under the blog post that relates to it. Hopefully, we can get a fine dialogue going in the comment sections!
  • TELECONFERENCE CALLS (phone circles) are July 6 & 20, and August 3 & 17 at  7:30pm EST
  • COST: $60 for the whole shebang!

If you would like to sign up, please email me. You can get books at newworldlibrary.com or amazon.com. I have no copies of this title to sell. nonrefundable payment is due by June 20th. Lets get reading!

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5 Responses to A BOOK CIRCLE

  1. Susan McElroy says:

    Hi Sandra! I sure relate to your comment about being a newlywed and having your routines change! I live an entirely different existence with Carter than I do when alone. I’m still (after a year and a half) trying to find a way to fit in my old reading routine and my “alone time. I love being married and in a good partnership, yet it takes a while for me to fully settle into a new way of being that brings forward the good, nurturing habits from my past! Glad to have you aboard! Send the check to: Susan McElroy, 6491 E. Cox Drive, Bloomington, IN 47408.

  2. Cindy says:

    Susan, your book sounds great, it’s on my reading list now….right after I finish all my other summer reading books I’ve gathered together for the long dog days ahead! A lovely quote came my way today from my dear Buddhist friend: “Listen to the tongueless teaching”. Animals without speaking a word teach us to be quiet and listen….to our hearts, to the breeze, to the trees. My cats teach me more in one day then all the meditation I can muster. Cats are so Zen……

    One of these days I’m going to submit a picture of my Maine Coon cat….”Zen Master Jackson”……he is MY tongueless teacher!

  3. valerie says:

    I’ve read All My Relations before I knew of your site. I have it on one of my bookshelves. The idea of rereading it is a good one. It’s good to reread books to refresh our minds and keep us on track. It will have to wait a couple of books from now. I am reading Sherman Alexie’s book currently.
    I will rethink joining the book circle in a couple of weeks.
    Thank you,

    • Susan McElroy says:

      Val, I hope you can join in. I’ve read your emails for years. It would be fun to get to know you better!

  4. Sandra says:

    Hi Susan:

    I so enjoy your stories and website and am greatful for the times when I actually “stop” during my day and read your words. So sorry that I have not sent the check as of today but will do it tomorrow as we are going camping for the next 3 days. I will go to Signal Mountain to utilize their wireless to do some of my lessons for school and utilize their mailbox.

    The Park and all of Jackson is a beautiful emerald with all of our lovely rain. The air is so fresh and clean. The “touristas” are starting to “trickle” in, so I will soon be spending less time “alone” with Fritz in the Park. I am also gently “pushing” him with his writings and also guiding him towards teaching. He is such a wonderful man, husband and teacher that he should share his gift with students.

    I am still actively seeking a place to work that is NOT so “crazy-making”, as my sweetheart would say. In the interim, I am working in a Bed, Bath and Kitchen Shoppe (which is what I owned in Montana)! I love the work and the customer interaction but find, as I have gotten older, that I really do not have the patience for “noise” that I used to have. Interestingly enough, my friends who are in my age group feel the same way.

    I have taken a poll of my friends and most of us believe that we are just becoming more comfortable with ourselves as we mature and become more protective of our personal time and space. We also tend to not be afraid to express ourselves in any way. I call it being kind to yourself! I am not so sure that others see it that way but we are truly only responsible for our own feelings and actions. I LOVE strong women who are protective of their time.

    OK-I tend to get off on a little tangent now and then so back to the Circle, I have gotten the book and have begun to read some of it. It is wonderful and you are truly gifted! What an amazing woman you are, and I, for one, am in awe of your accomplishments.

    I look forward to our Book Circle and, hopefully, will remember to be ACTIVE in it and not passive. I have you dialed in on my iPhone Calendar so that should help me with my memory (or lack of)!

    I look forward to reading with you!

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